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Series kicks off Sunday, October 21st.

Jesus has been called the man for others.  He lived for others.  On the night when He washed His disciples feet, He told us to follow His example.  We are going to look at what that may mean for us in our next Spiritual Growth Campaign, Living Beyond Myself.  This new series will make a natural follow up to Chosen.   We are chosen to make a difference in the lives of others.

Chosen - Small Groups

Sundays at 8:30am
Host: Brad Bernard FLC Rm 201

Sundays at 11:00am

Host: Gabe Basinger FLC Rm 201

Sundays at 6:00pm
Host: Anne Deegan S101 (WOF)

Sundays at 6:00pm
Host: Chad Kennington FLC Rm 201
 (Young Adult Group)

Tuesdays at 6:30pm
Host: Kermit & Joann Campbell 

125 Highland Place; Sheffield

Wednesdays at 10:00am
Host: Rudy Guess BS104 (KM)

Wednesdays at 10:00am
 Host: Beth Wilcoxson S101 (WOF)    

Wednesdays at 6:00pm
 Host: Anita Whitaker FLC Rm 201
Wednesdays at 6:00pm
 Host: Rudy Guess S101 (WOF)

Wednesdays at 6:00pm
Host: Bobby Mitchel BS104 (KM)

Thursdays at 9:30am
 Host: Lynda Bottcher S101 (WOF)

​​​​​​​​Sunday, October 21st

​"Living Beyond Myself -

The Great Gamble"

Dr. Rudy Guess

Prayer Walk @ 7:30 am

Early Service @ 8:30 am

Chosen Small Group @ 8:30 am
​Contemporary Service @ 9:45 am

Chosen Small Group @ 11:00 am
​Traditional Service @ 11:00 am

Shepherd's Table @ 12:00 pm​

Evening Service @ 6:00 pm

Chosen Small Group @ 6:00 pm

Youth Break Away Groups @ 6:00 pm

Monday, October 15th
Cantata Practice @ 6:00 pm

Wednesday, October 17th
Chosen Small Group @ 10:00 am
Fellowship Meal @ 5:30 pm
KidZone @ 6:00 pm
Youth Worship @ 6:00 pm
Chosen ​Small Group @ 6:00 pm
​Chancel Choir Practice @ 7:00 pm

Thursday, October 18th
Chosen Small Group @ 9:30 am