KJ Hollin – anticipating surgery
Mary Ellen Killen – anticipating surgery
Lilyan Scharfscwerdt - Judson Emens' mother - health
Betty Cassell – recovering
Aaron Langshield – Crohn’s disease
Linda Stanley – recovering
Helen Wright – recovering
Danny McWilliams – recovering
John Willis – health
Emmalyn Smith_ (Celia Rudolph’s mother) - stroke
Margie Beck - health
Martha Mulligan - health
Jim Maddox – health
Rowena Kilgoar – recovering
Amy Whitaker – (JoNell Simms family)
Maria Collum (Eric’s mother) – health
Johnie Snider (Sarah Hodge’s brother-in-law) health
Evalynn Wells – heart
Kathryn Balch – difficult pregnancy
Jimmy Dale Byrd – health
Lauren Burcham – health
Danylu Sibley – therapy
Pat Waldrep – health
Jeff Michael – cancer
Debra Neal –  treatment
Brenda Medley – cancer
Verlene Tidwell – health
Minnie Brown – brain tumor
Reba Spain – health
Unspoken – health
Unspoken – health/addiction
Unspoken - family

Care Givers


Generosity of God’s People
Relief Volunteers
Jim & Pat Maddox home from MD Anderson
Those who invite someone to worship.                   


Local Church
“No Fear” small group host
Welcoming Volunteers & Worship Volunteers
Back to Church Sunday – 9/17
One-Life Challenge

UNA Wesley Foundation Golf Tournament Fundraiser – Sept. 9
Faith Promise Partner –
    UMCOR Disaster Relief

Nation & World
Hurricane Harvey victims
Hurricane Harvey response personnel
Police Officers & First Responders
World Leaders response to North Korea
Our Military at home & around the world
Peace in our nation and world
National, State & Local Leadership - wisdom
Bishop Wallace-Padgett & the others on the Way Forward Commission

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