Pastor's Letter by Bro. Rudy

November 2018

Our Leg of the Race 

This Sunday, November 4, we will celebrate All Saints Sunday.  We will remember the eight members of Tuscumbia First United Methodist Church who have joined the Communion of Saints around the throne.  This will be my fourth All Saints
Sunday at Tuscumbia First.  In these four years, we have celebrated the Homegoing of a good number of Saints who were key contributors to the ministry of Christ’s Church.

Those who have died in Jesus, have become part of the cloud of witnesses mentioned in Hebrews 12:1.  They have run their leg of God’s race and now cheer us on.  It is our turn to run the race set before us.  We will look at what that means for us this
Sunday in our message “Running Our Leg of the Race” from Hebrews 12:1-2.

As we come to worship, let us be in prayer for those who have walked through the valley this year.  This goes beyond the eight members who will be remembered on Sunday.  Many in our Church Family have walked through the valley with loved ones who were not part of our church, but part of Christ’s Family of Faith.  Most of them are approaching their first holiday season without their loved one.  Pray for God’s sustaining grace to fill their lives.

As we pray for God’s comfort for those who walk through the valley, let us also pray for God’s strength to continue to run our part of God’s race.  The image in Hebrews 12 is that the race has been placed in our hands.  We are called pick up our cross and run with faithfulness.

Think about it this way; What the Church will look like in 10 to 20 years will depend on how we accept our role as servants and givers.  If the Church is to reach those who are not presently living in a committed relationship with Christ and His Church, it will depend on us.  If the Church will have the resources to continue to advance Christ’s Kingdom, it will depend on us. 

As I think of those we will and have remembered on All Saints Sundays, they gave us many examples of our present theme, “Living Beyond Myself.”   In this newsletter, you will find several opportunities to pick up the baton of faith and run with faithfulness to a life lived for others.  One of those opportunities is our Community Serve Day, November 10th.  You can read about that in this newsletter.

Then on Sunday, November 18, Commitment Sunday, we have the opportunity to take up the baton in our financial stewardship.  That Sunday, we are going to look at some churches that practiced living beyond themselves, especially when it came to their finances.  You will soon be receiving information about our proposed 2019 Ministry Budget.  I encourage you to be in prayer about the commitment you will make to Christ and His Church.      

I believe God wants us to be generous givers in order to grow us as people of faith.  Bringing the tithe to the Church takes faith for most of us.  Few can tithe, without the tithe coming first.  That means we have to trust God to make the 90% sufficient.  As we give the tithe first, God is teaching us to trust His provisions. 

See you Sunday at the giving place, as we worship the greatest Giver of All, our God who gave His Son for our salvation.

-  Rudy                     




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