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Pastor's Letter by Bro. Rudy

January 2019

Go and Do Likewise 

Most of us know the parable of The Good Samaritan.  If you have been involved in a local church most of your life, you have heard sermons on the parable and Sunday School lessons on the parable. Jesus told the parable in response to a lawyer’s question; “And who is my neighbor?”  (Luke 10:35; NRSV)  Then he closed the parable with this application; “Go and do likewise.”  (Luke 10:37b; NRSV)

We’ve often applied the story to people along our roadways needing help.  And certainly, there are applications that can be made in that way.  But I don’t believe Jesus’ intent in the parable was to tell us to look for stranded persons along the road.  There are much deeper meanings in the parable.   

Our society has become more and more “me” centered.  Even our religious life has become self-focused.  In the rush of our lives, we often miss opportunities to touch the lives of others because we don’t have the time or in our rush, do not even notice those with needs we pass during the day. 

When Jesus said to the lawyer, “Go and do likewise,” He was telling him to put what he learned from the parable into action.  That is what we are going to consider in our January Message series, “Living Like the Good Samaritan.”   I believe God has a lot to teach us in this parable. 

This could be a good New Year’s Resolution – I commit myself to Living like the Good Samaritan.  In order to be more like him, I will start the year in worship learning from his story.  

See you Sunday at the training place for Good Samaritans, as we worship the greatest servant of all, our Lord Jesus Christ.    -- Rudy