Mid-Week Reflections from Bro. Chad

August 15, 2018

Discovering God's Love

This past weekend was Discovery Weekend for our students grades 6-12. This is the second year that we have done Discovery Weekend, and if you are not familiar with Discovery, it is very similar to the Emmaus Walk. It’s a weekend spiritual renewal for our Jr. High students that is led by the Sr. High students and our church. The Sr. High help in planning, giving talks, performing skits, and leading the Jr. High in small group discussions.

It has been a wonderful manifestation of God’s love, but there are 3 things that I want to share about God’s movement this past weekend:

  • The focus of learning about God’s love

The weekend was filled with talks that are given by our Sr. High students. The themes for the 3 days were: Created by God, Connected to Jesus, & Created for a Purpose. On Friday night, we got to hear a talk about how we are all created by the God of the universe. After the talk, the students got into small groups to talk about what being created by God means for us. Then, Saturday we looked at how the Bible is God’s living word for us that tells us of God’s love and activity in our world. Every student received a new study Bible so that they can seek God’s comfort and guidance in their lives. Then, we heard of Jesus and how we can remain connected to him as our Savior. After this talk, we got to hear and experience the forgiveness of God through a Forgiveness Service focused on the parable of the prodigal son. After this, we were reminded of the attitude for gratitude we should have as forgiven children. Finally, Sunday’s theme was Created for a Purpose. We are created and formed by God for a purpose - the good works of God’s Kingdom. The whole weekend was learning how we are created by God to serve God.

  • Jr. High students experiencing God’s love

The weekend was filled with different kinds of opportunities to experience God’s love. There were worship sessions, skits to show God’s love, a forgiveness exercise to visually see God’s forgiveness, and the support and love of the church congregation through the prayer service.

At the end of the weekend, there was a closing service with communion and a remembrance of baptism. During this service, there is an opportunity for the youth to share how they have experienced God this weekend. One of the common things that was mentioned was the Christian community that they were able to experience throughout all the activities. They were able to have fun and play games through the weekend filled with all of these learning activities. It is during these times that they were able to see the benefit of Christian community and the body of Christ coming together to have fun, support, and pray for one another. It is such a powerful thing to see young people who see the importance of being the church together!

  •  Leaders experiencing the blessing of serving


As I mentioned before, the Sr. High give leadership by giving talks, doing skits, planning, and leading discussion groups. There are also a lot of adults involved throughout the weekend. One of my favorite things I saw was how the Sr. High grew and discovered new ideas about God as they prepared their talks. It is encouraging to see the adult table leaders alongside Jr. High and Sr. High students talking about our amazing God. It is exciting to see the leaders faces as they listen to students talk so confidently about who God is and how they know God’s love. Discovery Weekend utilizes people and empowers them to be used by God for Jesus’ name sake.

It has been a wonderful weekend of God’s love moving through God’s people here at Tuscumbia First! What an opportunity to be connected with God’s church here.

-- Chad

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