Our Flag

​July 2017

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to share during vespers for the Cub Scout week of camp at Westmoreland.  It was June 14, which was also Flag Day here in the United States.  After raising the American Flag and doing the pledge, they had an old flag that was no longer usable.  One of the Scout leaders shared with the scouts the correct way to dispose of a worn and faded flag.  With great respect for the flag, one of the packs prepared that flag for disposal.

When you see an American Flag, what goes through your mind?  Some years ago I came across a devotional that provided some special insights from the flag.

 Next week we will celebrate another Independence Day.  The Flag is certainly a powerful symbol of that Independence.  As we celebrate, I pray that we also remember the God who our founding parents trusted to guide in the establishment of this nation. 

As the Hebrew nation took possession of the Promised Land, Moses warned them not to forget God.  But they did forget.  In many ways, America has followed the same path.  This nation was founded upon a faith in God.  Those who wrote the Declaration of Independence did so trusting in God.  But, like with the Hebrew people, there has been a drift from God.  This weekend, more Americans will be enjoying recreational/leisure activities than those joining in the worship of our Lord and Savior.   

Nehemiah was called during a time when the Hebrew people had suffered disaster because of their drifting from God.  God called him to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem and lead a revival of faith.  Sunday we will look at what he has to teach us about becoming again a Nation under God.  Join us as we worship the One in whom we declare; “In God We Trust.”  

See you Sunday as we gather around the table of the One who gives us true Freedom.    

~ Rudy


Red is a symbol of sacrifice.  The red on the flag reminds us that our freedom came at great cost.  The blood of many lives has been shed so that we might enjoy freedom. So as we look at the red in our flag, it reminds us to give thanks for the sacrifices that have been made for our freedom. 

White is a symbol of purity.  While only Christ is truly pure and holy, the white on the flag reminds us that good citizenship means good character.  America is certainly in need of examples of pure, holy living today.  It needs Christians to be Light. 

The stars on the flag remind us of unity.  While America is a diverse group of people, the stars remind us that our strength is in our unity. 

The blue background, upon which the stars are placed, reminds us of the One who stands behind the star, our God. Our founding parents set out to build a nation under God.  The last sentence of the Declaration of Independence put it this way; “And for the support of this declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge.”


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